20 Best TV Moments of 2013

Red Weddings, Sex ed. in the 1950s, bitchy veeps, Russian sleeper agents and Bret Michaels' RV makeovers ruled the small screen

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Miley at the VMAs
Kevin Mazur/WireImage for MTV8/20

8. Miley at the VMAs

Video Music Awards, MTV

Now this is what live TV is for – absolute offensiveness at all costs, with a former Disney moppet grinding her crotch on psychedelic teddy bears, flashing her tongue and endorsing drug-crazed hijinks. It was like the teen-pop Red Wedding. (Except the look on Rihanna's face was all "You speak Valyrian?") Thank you, Miley, for leaving a trail of sex slime all over the stage, not to mention America's brain.

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