20 Best TV Moments of 2013

Red Weddings, Sex ed. in the 1950s, bitchy veeps, Russian sleeper agents and Bret Michaels' RV makeovers ruled the small screen

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Lizzy Caplan Plays Doctor
Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME4/20

4. Lizzy Caplan Plays Doctor

Masters of Sex, Showtime

Remember when Lizzy Caplan was the struggling actress on Party Down, ranting, "I'm not mom material, man! I'm an acerbic twentysomething! The funny but fuckable waitress!" Well, look at her now. Masters of Sex is easily the year's best new show, with Caplan and Michael Sheen digging deep into the heart of American sexual repression. No matter how hard they try, they can't keep their hearts in check – especially in the pivotal scene where he officially promotes her to research assistant and she officially takes her top off.

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