20 Best TV Characters of 2016

From bat-wielding bad guys to hipster-stoner sidekicks, these were the small-screen heroes and villains that made our year

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Tig Bavaro, 'One Mississippi'
Patti Perret/Amazon Prime Video15/20

Tig Bavaro, 'One Mississippi'

Comedian Tig Notaro's public processing of recent tragedies in her life – a breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy, various back-to-back ailments, a breakup and her mother's untimely death – has taken on many forms, from stand-up performances to documentary to memoir. But along with screenwriter Diablo Cody and showrunner Kate Robin, she also turned it into what may be the darkest sitcom of the year: One Mississippi, which follows one "Tig Bavaro" as she returns to her Deep South hometown after her mom's death. Notaro's semi-fictional avatar greets all the punishing curveballs life throws at her with an unblinking deadpan stare – a modern Buster Keaton facing down the speeding steam engine of emotional disaster. JS

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