20 Best TV Characters of 2016

From bat-wielding bad guys to hipster-stoner sidekicks, these were the small-screen heroes and villains that made our year

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Portia Davenport, 'Search Party'

Portia Davenport, 'Search Party'

It's near-impossible to appreciate Meredith Hagner's performance in TBS' Serial-meets-Girls comedy without also acknowledging her partner in crime, the very funny John Early – their shallow hipster sidekicks to Alia Shawkat's amateur private eye are really a double act. But her struggling actress gains a slight edge, thanks to the dose of pathos to her bubbly, fatuous persona brings to this out-of-left-field gem – whether it's barely disguising her alarm at being forced to cozy up to creepers or trying to confidently discuss her whitewashed role as a Latina cop on an awful network procedural. If you rewatch all of the noirish mystery-sitcom's near-perfect 10 episodes, you might come to believe that Hagner is actually the series' real low-key heroine. PR

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