20 Best TV Characters of 2016

From bat-wielding bad guys to hipster-stoner sidekicks, these were the small-screen heroes and villains that made our year

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Frank Castle (a.k.a.The Punisher,) 'Daredevil'
Patrick Harbron/Netflix18/20

Frank Castle (a.k.a.The Punisher,) 'Daredevil'

The soldier/family man turned remorseless killing machine known as the Punisher was Daredevil's enemy, ally and cautionary-tale photo-negative – it depended on which point you tuned in to this Netflix series' sophomore season. But you have to credit actor Jon Bernthal for making all three facets of the infamous Marvel antihero work so well. The combination of sensitivity and sad-eyed, surly machismo he displayed in The Walking Dead made him the perfect choice to introduce the antihero to the MCU (small-screen division), but this was more than the finest superhero casting since Robert Downey Jr. signed on as Tony Stark. Frank Castle was the representation of vigilante violence taken to its logical, lethal extreme – a man who demonstrated the remarkably fine line between fighting crime and cracking your moral compass altogether. STC

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