20 Best TV Characters of 2016

From bat-wielding bad guys to hipster-stoner sidekicks, these were the small-screen heroes and villains that made our year

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Eleven, 'Stranger Things'

Eleven, 'Stranger Things'

As a psychokinetic weapon for a sinister government initiative, Eleven (played by the gifted Millie Bobby Brown) is both the most powerful and the most vulnerable character in Netflix's insanely popular hit show – a withered lab rat who clings to the humanity that's being drained out of her, bit by excruciating bit. At times, the world bends to her will like Carrie on prom night; at others, she's a hollowed soul who has to be nurtured into friendship and trust after years of manipulation by Matthew Modine's cruel father figure. She sacrifices herself and asks for little more than a pile of Eggo waffles in return. She's the hero we don't deserve. ST

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