20 Best 'Sons of Anarchy' Moments

As the motorcycle-gang drama rides off into the sunset, we pick the series' finest, foulest and most unforgettable scenes

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Burning for You

1. Burning for You

Season 1, Episode 5: "Giving Back"
Remember the pilot, when Gemma pointed to Tara's tattoo as a sign that she's SAMCRO for life? And then there was the third episode, when Clay cut off a man's testicles? This one combined torture and tattoos, clarifying that this show was going to follow Sutter's gruesome vision as far as FX would let it. When disgraced former member Kyle Hobart returns to Charming, the club was annoyed that he didn't follow custom and black out his Sons ink. So they gave him a choice: "Fire or knife?" Kyle picked fire, at which point Tig put a blowtorch to Kyle's back. For the next six years, Sutter & Co. would continue to show just how painful and difficult it was to leave SAMCRO behind. You're in it all the way or you're out for life.

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