20 Best 'Sons of Anarchy' Moments

As the motorcycle-gang drama rides off into the sunset, we pick the series' finest, foulest and most unforgettable scenes

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Bobby's Return

11. Bobby's Return

Season 6, Episode 6: "Salvage"
In Season Six, the Sons were more scattered than ever, with rivals and cops encroaching from every side. But their outlook brightened briefly when Jax reconnects with one of the club's old guard, Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Junior). It was presumed that the disillusioned member was recruiting people for a splinter charter; it turns out that Bobby was only finding replacements for some of SAMCRO's fallen members. Sons of Anarchy's early seasons lived and died by the sense of camaraderie between this band of brothers, which faded as the series wore on. But Bobby's return brought a lot of that old warmth back — for one week, at least.

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