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8. 'Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate' (10/15/16)

SNL had satirized both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for decades. But with all due respect to the Not Ready For Primetime Players that came before, Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin now own the crown for most memorable impersonations of them in Studio 8H. Millions of folks were still reeling over the most contentious (and toxic) campaign stand-off to date; by the time the show aired later that week, viewers were ready to see how Saturday Night Live would handle the second presidential debate. "All right, let's get this nightmare started," Cecily Strong's moderator wearily says after downing a shot, and we're off: McKinnon's Clinton attempting an awkward "casual lean"; Baldwin's Trump skulking behind her like a slasher-flick villain (complete with Jaws theme); a dancing Ken Bone; and a number of digs at how bad Donald was doing that felt cathartic – at the time, at least. "I like how generous he is," Clinton says in regards to her opponent, before referring to his "locker-room talk" statements: "Just like Friday, he handed me the election." It was arguably the height of the show's great 2016 double act. We all know what happened next. RM