20 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Political Sketches

From 'Trump Voters' to Tina Fey's iconic Sarah Palin – the greatest, funniest, sharpest political 'SNL' sketches

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2. 'Voters for Trump Ad' (3/5/16)

What was arguably the most savage attack the show mounted toward the Trump camp didn't even feature an impersonation of him; rather, it focused on the elements attracted by the dog-whistles he was sending out during campaign stops – as well as those pro-Trump folks that seemed willing to overlook such aspects. It starts with a bunch of "everyday" voters talking about how the Republican canidate is "authentic," "a winner" and "an outisder ... Washington needs that." Then, thanks to a series of reveals, we meet the "real Americans" saying these things: a Nazi, a Klansman, a white nationalist, a conspiracy-theory nutjob. It's jaw-dropping, brilliant, scathing and worth a dozen or more post-election Trump sketches in terms of hitting bone. DF

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