20 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Political Sketches

From 'Trump Voters' to Tina Fey's iconic Sarah Palin – the greatest, funniest, sharpest political 'SNL' sketches

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3. 'President Reagan, Mastermind' (12/6/86)

Phil Hartman put his stamp on two Presidents: Reagan and Clinton. And his single best turn as the Gipper came during the thick of the Iran-Contra scandal, when some pundits were trying to paint the POTUS as a gullible, forgetful oldster, exploited by scheming underlings. Hartman, however, played Reagan as the consummate actor, who pretends to be dim for the masses but is actually bossy, brilliant and in full command of every detail – from Swedish interest rates to the nuances of the Arabic language. SNL was at its least savage politically during the 1980s, but here, the writers cleverly toyed with the public perceptions of a "dotty" politician accused of something shady. NM

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