20 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Political Sketches

From 'Trump Voters' to Tina Fey's iconic Sarah Palin – the greatest, funniest, sharpest political 'SNL' sketches

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4. 'President Bill Clinton at McDonald's' (12/5/92)

One of the all-time greatest SNL performers (if not the greatest, full stop) delivered one of the show's all-time great Presidential impressions in this sketch, which puts Bill Clinton's charm, appetites and grasp of world politics into a single package. The President's various contradictions and shortcomings are on full display, but he’s so darn charming that the customers inside this fast food restaurant don’t realize he’s literally stealing their lunches from them. ("Your McNugget is British relief sent to Somalia. [chomp] Intercepted by warlords!") Yes, Darrell Hammond would play Clinton longer on the show. But this is a bravura performance, both comedically and gastrointestinally. RM

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