20 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Political Sketches

From 'Trump Voters' to Tina Fey's iconic Sarah Palin – the greatest, funniest, sharpest political 'SNL' sketches

20. 'How's He Doing' (With Kerry Washington) (11/2/13)

SNL never really knew how to handle Obama as a parody subject per se; Fred Armisen's take on the Commander-in-Chief never felt fully realized, and while the underrated Jay Pharoah did a better-than-average impersonation, no one ever figured out what to do with it. Instead, they often picked targets peripheral to his Presidency – as with these sharply written recurring sketches, in which host Keenan Thompson would ask a panel of African-American writers and intellectuals what it would take for them to not vote for him. (The perpetual punchline: virtually nothing.) The highlight is the 2013 Kerry Washington episode, when Thompson notes that Obama's approval rating among black voters has dropped to "a startling 93.6%" and a discussion about the NSA wiretapping scandal segues into a hilarious riff on how much white people love The Wire. DF