20 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Political Sketches

From 'Trump Voters' to Tina Fey's iconic Sarah Palin – the greatest, funniest, sharpest political 'SNL' sketches

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9. 'Bern Your Enthusiasm' (2/6/16)

Audiences all but shrieked at the kismet of Larry David's initial appearance as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders during a debate cold opening sketch – who better to portray the cranky politician who occasionally came off like a real-life Seinfeld character? The high point came when he hosted the show in early 2016, embedding his Sanders impression with a long-overdue return to the world of his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. Not only does this sketch manage to pack in a full Curb-esque episode in less than six minutes, it also captures how Sanders was in some ways his own worst enemy against his newfound popularity. RM

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