Miami Sound Machine: 16 Best Musical Guest Stars on 'Miami Vice'

From the Godfather of Soul to the Nuge, here are the more memorable musical greats who graced the iconic Eighties cop show

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8. Suicidal Tendencies ('Free Verse,' Season Two)

This Season Two episode centers around Hector Sandoval (played by Byrne Piven, father of Jeremy), a paraplegic political refugee and poet from an unnamed Latin American dictatorship. Sandoval is dodging assassination attempts after landing in Miami; he's also a playboy who won't let Crockett, Tubbs or his wheelchair stop him from making the most of his time in South Beach. Cue the exile getting drunk, hollering at chicks and slamdancing at a graffiti-strewn punk club, where SoCal hardcore legends Suicidal Tendencies wail through their classic disaffected-youth anthem "Institutionalized."

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