Miami Sound Machine: 16 Best Musical Guest Stars on 'Miami Vice'

From the Godfather of Soul to the Nuge, here are the more memorable musical greats who graced the iconic Eighties cop show

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2. James Brown ('Missing Hours,' Season Four)

Vice's last two seasons coincided with a lengthy Writers Guild of America strike, leading to some stupifyingly subpar scripts. No episode was as mystifyingly bad — and ironically awesome — as "Missing Hours," which starred James Brown as an R&B star turned UFO cult spokesman and Chris Rock (making his TV acting debut) as a proto-Internet geek who may or may not be an alien. Throw in memory-erasing peanut butter, the Godfather of Soul waxing poetic in a crop circle, bargain-bin special effects and an it-was-all-a-dream cop-out of an ending, and you have one of the most perfectly awful hours of WTF TV ever made.

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