Miami Sound Machine: 16 Best Musical Guest Stars on 'Miami Vice'

From the Godfather of Soul to the Nuge, here are the more memorable musical greats who graced the iconic Eighties cop show

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11. Frank Zappa ('Payback,' Season Two)

Zappa played a critic in the the Monkees' 1968 movie Head, and was the voice of "The Pope" in a 1992 episode of Ren & Stimpy. But like so many of the iconic artists who popped up on Miami Vice, his guest part on the show was one of his few actual "acting" gigs that called on him to play more than just a version of his musical-performer persona. He played Mario Fuente, a drug kingpin who specializes in something called "weasel dust." No word on what Tipper Gore thought of his turn here.

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