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11. 'I'm Not Bad, Right?' (Season 8)

This Season 8 highlight hit right as a wave of sexual-harassment outings and righteous reckonings was capping off a year of taking toxic masculinity to task – and you won't find a funnier skewering of the self-centered male paranoia that was left quivering in its wake. When Brownstein's lawyer becomes the first female to become a full-fledged partner in her firm, she's greeted with rounds of applause from her all-dude peers; when she begins her speech with "Sometimes it has been hard for me here, as a woman," however, Armisen's boss asks, "But ... just ... I'm not bad, right?" Soon, every guy in the room begins begging for reassurance that they're not part of problem, because hey, #NotAllMen, right? "I've had 17 years of rampant sexism in this office, but I'm so sorry that you had two seconds of discomfort," she tells a whiny executive over speaker phone who takes offense to her gripe. "Thank you ... I feel supported," he whimpers back. DF