20 Best 'Portlandia' Sketches

From binge-watching panic to bird-improved accessories, here are the funniest, most far-out bits from IFC's hit show

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4. 'What About Men?' (Season 7)

It first aired in 2016 as a stand-alone clip before the start of Portlandia's penultimate season, but this canon-worthy sketch would be a blistering takedown regardless of when or where it showed up. Two bros on bikes complain that all of the current movements – from transgender rights to Black Lives Matter – don't have a place for the most trod upon demographic of them all, the white heterosexual male. When do they get a seat at the table of power, besides all the time, every day, literally for centuries? (Thank god for their one safe space: social media.) What follows is a musical number is that reveals M.R.A.'s as the ridiculous crybaby trolls they are. "The Statue of Liberty!" cries Brownstein's stubbly dude. "What about our statue – the Statue of Libert-HE!" DF

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