20 Best 'Portlandia' Sketches

From binge-watching panic to bird-improved accessories, here are the funniest, most far-out bits from IFC's hit show

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19. 'Weirdos Go Shopping' (Season 8)

The show's resident Goth couple Vince and Jacqueline hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond – because sometimes, you need a pan that's good for cooking blood and a vacuum cleaner that's in the shape of an upside-down cross. The idea of "The Weirdos," as the recurring characters were called, shopping in a big-box store would be odd enough even without the requests for "a prodigious machine to handle all the detritus"; personally, we could listen to Fred Armisen pronounce "pir-an-HYA meat" all day. The only thing that would make this better would be another Danzig cameo. DF

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