20 Best 'Portlandia' Sketches

From binge-watching panic to bird-improved accessories, here are the funniest, most far-out bits from IFC's hit show

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6. 'Dream of the Nineties' (Season 1)

Although both Armisen and Brownstein have enviable musical backgrounds, Portlandia isn't a show that's likely to trot out over-the-top, song-heavy sketches. "Dream of the Nineties" is the hysterical exception to the rule, a music video/exposition-heavy story that handily explains the charm of Portland – a place where people never stopped "getting piercings, getting tribal tattoos, forming bands" and "where young people go to retire." It's less a city than an early Lollapalooza show, trapped in amber in the Pacific Northwest. Exactly one skit in to this series, we already knew we were going to love it. KE

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