15 Best 'Portlandia' Sketches

From binge-watching panic to bird-improved accessories, here are the funniest and most far-out bits from IFC's hit show

15. 'Catnap'

Automatic points to any and all sketches that involve both cats named "Kevin" and comediennes named "Kristen Wiig." Putting a twist on the old "but I liked them before they were popular!" complaint that accompanies an indie band's ascension to popular recognition, Armisen and Brownstein push this concept to the point of absurdity. Wiig's unhinged fan Gathy (with a G!) takes it upon herself to stop her favorite feline-fronted power trio Catnap from touring, even if means threatening them with a gun that is most definitely loaded. We're still looking for that "Whisker Patrol" seven-inch single.