15 Best 'Portlandia' Sketches
Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen IFC

Portlandia, the off-kilter IFC comedy series responsible for injecting demands to put birds on things into the cultural lexicon, returns for its fifth season on January 8th, promising all manner of fresh-baked artisanal delights and plenty of time spent in the world's most passive-aggressive feminist bookstore. It's so chilly in there!

Over its previous four seasons, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's satiric look at life in Portland, Oregon has frequently struck comedy gold, thanks to the pair's knack for embodying a wide range of characters, a murderer's row of guest appearances (Aimee Mann to Eddie Vedder, Steve Buscemi to Chloe Sevigny), and the keen ability to skewer the hell out of the hipster trends and their self-righteous adherents. Of course, amongst all of Portlandia's gluten-intolerant, hemp-heavy sketches, there are a few that rise immediately to the top. Here are the very best.