10 Worst TV Spin-Offs

From 'Beverly Hill Buntz' to 'Brady Brides,' here are the creme de la crud of TV series sequels

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1. 'Joanie Loves Chachi'

Garry Marshall's Happy Days has given the world some of the very best TV spin-offs; it's also given us this, the absolute nadir of taking people from shows you loved and putting them in shows you loathed. The show tried to sell us on Erin Moran and teen heartthrob Scott Baio relocating to Chicago in the mid-Sixties and trying to make it a singer-songwriter duo — a concept that allowed for all the Moran-Baio singing duets you never, ever wanted to hear. (We're 99 percent sure that the show's theme song has been used in enhanced interrogations.) The inclusion of Al from Happy Days and the occasional Fonz guest appearance only served to remind us of how much we missed the original, and how much better these two teenagers-in-love characters worked as part of an ensemble. Joanie may have loved Chachi, but nobody loved this musical disaster, and within 19 episodes, it had gone to that great Brill Building in the sky.

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