10 Worst TV Spin-Offs

From 'Beverly Hill Buntz' to 'Brady Brides,' here are the creme de la crud of TV series sequels

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4. 'Beverly Hills Buntz'

If Joey and this spin-off from Hill Street Blues have taught us nothing, it's that you shouldn't take a fan-favorite character from a show and relocate them to L.A. Dennis Franz's volatile, loudmouth Norman Buntz can be seen decking a superior and turning in police badge in the opening credits; quicker than you can say, "Go west, fish-out-of-water cop," we see Buntz and his buddy "The Snitch" driving through the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills, where they'll try their hands at being private eyes. Unlike Blues, there would be no shelf full of Emmys and critical praise — in fact, there wouldn't even be a broadcast of the BHB's final four episodes. Franz would go on to play more on-the-edge police detectives, while this misbegotten series would have a long shelf life as the answer to a trivia question that would stump generations of bar patrons.

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