10 TV Shows You Need to Be Watching in 2015

From British gangster thrillers to lone-wolf-cop dramas, these are the series you should be catching up with ASAP

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'Peaky Blinders' (Netflix)

Imagine Boardwalk Empire relocated to England and revamped as outright pulp instead of prestige TV, and you'd have something pretty close to Steven Knight's historical gangster drama — the kind of semi-lurid pleasure that screams B picture instead of blockbuster. Based on the exploits of the notorious West Midlands mob of the same name, this Netflix-via-the-BBC crime series follows slim, serpentine boss Tom Shelby (Batman Begins' Cillian Murphy) as he consolidates his hold on the local underworld scene in Birmingham during the 1920s. Hoods in impeccably tailored vintage duds dole out violent beatings as anachronistic garage rock blares over the soundtrack; it's the type of show that will teach you as much about WWI post-traumantic stress disorders as it will about ways to hide razor blades in your newsboy caps. And if you stick around for Season Two, you'll get to watch a lumbersexualized Tom Hardy tell tales of hammering nails into people's noses. That's entertainment, people.

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