10 TV Shows You Need to Be Watching in 2015

From British gangster thrillers to lone-wolf-cop dramas, these are the series you should be catching up with ASAP

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'Outlander' (Starz)

Sure, this Starz fantasy series can occasionally come across like a Harlequin romance book cover come to life or a big-budget Renaissance Faire. But Battlestar Galactica producer Ron D. Moore's adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's popular time-traveling novels has slowly but surely become a stealth cult hit, and personally, we'll take this over Helix, Moore's science-run-amuck riff on The Thing that's unspooling on Syfy, any day of the week. British army nurse Claire Randall (big up Caitronia Balfe!) is reunited with her academician husband after WWII and travels to Scotland to rekindle their marriage. After witnessing a local Pagan ritual, she mysteriously finds herself transported from the 1940s to the mid-1700s, landing smack-dab in the middle of rebels-vs-redcoats shenanigans — and into the brawny arms of the world's most photogenic highlander dreamboat. (With that square jaw, male lead Sam Heughan looks like a comic-book drawing of Superman come to life.) It's small-screen kiltsploitation done on a grand scale, complete with violent set pieces, heaving bosoms, horse whispering, billowy shirts and a haggis' worth of heavily accented intrigue. Sold!

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