10 TV Shows You Need to Be Watching in 2015

From British gangster thrillers to lone-wolf-cop dramas, these are the series you should be catching up with ASAP

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'Fortitude' (Pivot)

Located in cable's equivalent of left-of-the-dial purgatory, this mystery set in the Arctic circle initially feels like little more than the sum of its spare parts: the frostbitten quirk of Northern Exposure, the rural surreality of Twin Peaks, the snow-white noir vibe of Fargo. And that's before Stanley Tucci's fish-out-of-water detective shows up to investigate the appearance of a dead body and discover that a small town has its secrets, which will remind you of every third show you've ever seen. But hang in there: What this U.K. serial lacks in originality it makes up for in atmosphere as it goes along, and the novelty of setting a whodunnit in the land of the Northern Lights adds a intriguing dose of regional weirdness to the proceedings. Like a few other entries on this list, Fortitude isn't necessarily out to blow your mind with something you've never seen before; it's more concerned with working its genre tropes as well as it can, which should be enough to bring viewers in from the cold.

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