10 True Crime Shows to Watch This Fall

From a missing D.C. intern to evil twins to the latest take on Robert Durst, the best true-crime shows to watch out for

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Evil Twins
'Evil Twin' is a new three-part series on Investigation Discovery. Investigation Discovery4/10

Evil Twins

When true crime addicts are itching for a fix, they turn to Investigation Discovery, the insanely popular cable channel with a seemingly endless supply of titillating and terrifying infotainment. The fall season's most spine-tingling debut is the three-part series Evil Twins, where each episode focuses on a deadly twin archetype: twins who kill as a duo, twins who turn on each other and finally, the timeless classic, good twin versus evil twin. The bond between identicals can manifest in some already spooky abilities, but this series will explore what happens when one or both twins have sinister intentions. Sure, making up a secret language is innocent fun – until the subject turns to murder. That psychic awareness of each other's well-being is probably pretty reassuring, unless one twin wants the other dead. And while many twins have fooled a boyfriend or two by swapping outfits and identities, this otherwise harmless prank would be quite the opposite if only one twin was in on it – and playing for keeps. If twins already freak you out, you definitely won't want to miss this one.

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