10 Times Jon Stewart Outdid Journalism

From Charleston to class warfare and ripping CNN a new one, this was the 'Daily Show' host at his best

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CNN's Boston Bomber Coverage

As Stewart dedicated more and more time excoriating the media itself, he usually focused his ire at the folks on "Bullshit Mountain"; his second favorite cable target, however, was CNN. He roundly, rightfully spanked the network for its alternately empty reportage and irresponsible speculation of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. CNN first announces on-air that a suspect has been taken into custody before retracting this claim an hour later; as the network "debat[es] the merits of its own fiction," the Daily Show host dubs the network "The Human Centipede of News." Later, as the dragnet closes in on Dzhokar Tsarnaev, Stewart mocks the channel's inability to fill the gaping maw created by the 24-hour news cycle — e.g. empty-handed reporters take to describing barking canines that "might be smelling what we smelled." When a segment in September 2013 finds that CNN's unsavory tactics in Boston earned them a record number of viewers, Stewart offers this sound advice: "We're in an abusive relationship with CNN. It’s time we kicked those bastards to the curb because we have to remember, this network was created by Ted Turner — not Ike Turner."

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