What the Bleep: 10 Memorable Moments in Sitcom Swearing

We look back at some of the landmark bad language and fuzzed-out f-bombs dropped over two decades of primetime comedies

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'The Simpsons' ('Bart's Inner Child,' 1993)
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'The Simpsons' ('Bart's Inner Child,' 1993)

Like Seinfeld, Matt Groening's venerable animated series was given an equally long leash by already loosey-goosey Fox. The show’s fifth-season episode "Bart's Inner Child" is notable for a few brilliant gags and bits, particularly Homer's Looney Tunes homage and Albert Brooks' send-up of a self-help schlock peddler via his character Brad Goodman. But there's also the moment that Kent Brockman, Springfield’s slightly off news anchor, breaks from an update on the local residents' sudden self-empowerment by editorializing that, "This reporter think it's about fucking time." The Simpsons, clearly, was aptly ahead of its.

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