What the Bleep: 10 Memorable Moments in Sitcom Swearing

We look back at some of the landmark bad language and fuzzed-out f-bombs dropped over two decades of primetime comedies

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'30 Rock' ('Standards and Practices,' 2012)

We're still not sure how Kenneth went from lowly page to NBC censor, or how, exactly, Tracy Jordan used themes from The Sixth Sense to justify performing his filthy stand-up act live on TGS. But at least it led to the show's in-house goody-two-shoes furiously bleeping out virtually every other syllable of Tracy's bits like a conservative possessed. And then, the even bigger payoff of Standards and Practices head Gaylord Felcher "fucking promoting" that "little fuckface," flipping Liz the bird and declaring, "Who among you has the power to censor the censor?" If Gaylord had a microphone, it would have dropped.

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