10 Grossest, Most Gut-Wrenching 'Walking Dead' Zombies

From water-bloated walkers to deeply disturbing child zombies, these were the 'TWD' undead that still haunt our dreams

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Drowned Food Pantry Zombie (Season 5, Episode 2: 'Strangers')

8. Drowned Food Pantry Zombie (Season 5, Episode 2: 'Strangers')

Gabriel leads a group to the county food bank to scavenge for supplies. Bob is still chirping about being optimistic because sure, they're stuck in a nightmare — but nightmares always end, right? Then he plunges into the flooded basement of the food pantry, and a disgusting, disintegrating, decomposing zombie manages to chomp Bob right on the ankle. So walkers definitely don't drown, and they still want to eat brains even when their bodily tissues are barely connected. Duly noted.

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