Left of the Dial: 10 Great TV Shows You've Never Heard Of

From Amish tough guys to naked reality TV, these are the shows deep in the basic-cable-and-beyond jungle that you need to be watching

'The Wrong Mans' (BBC/Hulu)

Beloved British cult actor James Corden (soon to be taking over Craig Ferguson's spot on The Late, Late Show and known by a separate group of fans as Craig from Doctor Who) teamed up with Matthew Baynton to write and star in this BBC/Hulu joint production. The duo star as Phil Bourne and Sam Pinkett, respectively – a couple of complacent bros who toil away in cubicles at the Berkshire County Council. Then Pinkett picks up a ringing phone at the scene of a car accident, and suddenly, the gents turn into the action heroes they never thought they could be (because they probably aren't). Corden could create charming chemistry with a shoebox, much less a partner like Baynton, and the show is surprisingly action-packed without taking the characters too seriously or belittling them. The first season only had six episodes, but earlier this year Corden announced that they were at work on a commissioned second series to be released at a later date.

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