Left of the Dial: 10 Great TV Shows You've Never Heard Of

From Amish tough guys to naked reality TV, these are the shows deep in the basic-cable-and-beyond jungle that you need to be watching

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'Shark Girl' (Smithsonian Channel)

Because "Shark Week" has become an embarrassment, the Smithsonian Channel steeped up to fill the void with this documentary series about 20-year-old Madison Stewart, an Australian who has dedicated herself to the preservation of sharks ever since she was a youngster. She sits in the middle of feeding frenzies, she removes fish hooks from their mouths and she challenges the perception of sharks as vicious killers – a goal that "Shark Week" seems to have given up on in lieu of mockumentaries on Megashark. Stewart is a brilliant and brave host, and maybe even a little batshit; her constant proximity to death easily makes this one of the most riveting educational series on TV.

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