Left of the Dial: 10 Great TV Shows You've Never Heard Of

From Amish tough guys to naked reality TV, these are the shows deep in the basic-cable-and-beyond jungle that you need to be watching

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'Jungle Gold' (Discovery)

The nature-doc days of the Discovery Channel of yore may be long over, but their badassery lives on in this real-life series that explores the lives of two Americans, George Wright and Scott Lomo. The duo are old friends who lost their money when the market crashed; naturally, they decided to leave their families behind and try their hand at gold-mining in Ghana. Sure, why not. Now airing its second season, the show gets a little too real as the men face threats from extortionate landowners, guerrilla militias and treacherous terrain – and that's before they ever set foot in a mine. It's reliably rugged and occasionally illuminating, even if the basic premise (two white Americans seek mineral wealth in Africa for their own personal profit) seems obviously problematic.

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