Left of the Dial: 10 Great TV Shows You've Never Heard Of

From Amish tough guys to naked reality TV, these are the shows deep in the basic-cable-and-beyond jungle that you need to be watching

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'Banshee' (Cinemax)

Interestingly, the plot of this Cinemax drama bisects the topics of both the Amish and the mafia – with completely different results than Amish Mafia. (The odds of that being the case are pretty remarkable.) Renewed for a third season earlier this year, it's a story about an ex-con who takes the identity of a dead sheriff and hides out from a crime boss in Amish country, all the while fighting (but also committing) crime and trying to win back the heart of the woman he scorned while in prison. Banshee is the name of the small town, and the show is action-packed in the way that prestige TV gets to be, while also shining a light on communities that rarely get attention. Plus, again, its lack of similarities to Amish Mafia are just crazy impressive.

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