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10 Funniest Aziz Ansari Lines

'Master of None' star's best bits, scathing put-downs and hilarious OMG zingers

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7. Shutterbugs (Human Giant)

"Please get the fuck out of Shutterbugs."

In 2005, when the term "virality" still applied more often to communicable disease than it did to internet phenomena, sketch collective Human Giant — Ansari and his comedy partners from the UCB Theatre in New York, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer — released their first short featuring the a-hole talent agents of Shutterbugs. Bill and Samir (Ansari and Huebel, respectively) hustle, grandstand and abuse their clients, who just happen to be children. The comedian rarely plays an irredeemable prick, but as he eviscerates undeserving youngsters ("Call me back when you're not Asian.") and dreams up inappropriate entertainment such as kid-centric feature film "Lil' 9/11," you wish he had more occasion to do so.

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