10 Funniest Aziz Ansari Lines

'Master of None' star's best bits, scathing put-downs and hilarious OMG zingers

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1. Parents ('Live at Madison Square Garden')

"I don't think we’re as amazing as our parents are… I'm not going to have any struggles to tell my kids about. What's my story going to be like? 'Ah, son, once, when I was flying from New York to L.A., my iPad died!'"

Ansari loves his parents: He talks reverently about their emigration from India to South Carolina, brings them onstage after his sold-out Live at Madison Square Garden show and even cast them as — wait for it — his mother and father in Master of None. While the comedian's affection extends to his folks' peers, his stand-up act regularly questions his generation's mating habits, technological dependence and sense of entitlement — and this bit neatly stitches together all of Ansari's preoccupations. Jokes like this one that point toward his emergence as a social critic in the mold of one of his heroes, Chris Rock.

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