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10 Funniest Aziz Ansari Lines

'Master of None' star's best bits, scathing put-downs and hilarious OMG zingers

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2. Marriage ('Buried Alive')

"I want to keep hanging out with you 'til one of us dies. Put this ring on your finger so people know we have an arrangement."

For years, Ansari has been preoccupied by romantic relationships — in particular, the hopelessness of modern dating and the incomprehensibility of marriage. In his third special, Buried Alive, he imagines a world in which the bonds of matrimony do not exist; this line, delivered with a loutish confidence from a would-be wooer, represents how a proposal might sound to an alien visiting earth. Comics have endlessly examined the notion of matrimony, but this incisive dissection helps reveal the truly strange nature of a ritual whose origins most of us take for granted.

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