10 Funniest Aziz Ansari Lines

'Master of None' star's best bits, scathing put-downs and hilarious OMG zingers

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8. 'F--k You, Ronnie' ('Observe and Report')

"Fuck you, Ronnie."

Any of Ansari's brief, scene-stealing minor roles in a number of films might be worthy of mention — e.g. his buddy roles in 30 Minutes or Less or I Love You, Man — but Jody Hill's antihero cringe-comedy Observe and Report exhibits just how much the man can do with a few words. Ansari's mall kiosk manager named Saddamn finds him verbally sparring with Seth Rogen's overzealous security guard, Ronnie. He's still charming even when he's saying lines like, "Why the fuck would I blow up Chick-Fil-A, it’s fucking delicious," and ends his big scene barking, spitting, whispering and silently mouthing f-bombs.

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