Grateful 'Dead': 10 Best 'Walking Dead' Episodes

As the AMC show returns for its fifth season, we look back at the series' finest moments of high drama, horror and oh-my-god head shots

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'Walk With Me' (Season 3, Episode 3)

The epic scope of the third season begins to come into focus in this episode, which brings Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Michonne to the thriving town of Woodbury, run by a deceptively charismatic man known as "The Governor." After the stiflingly spare locations of Season Two, "Walk With Me" adds another well-populated community to Rick's growing prison family, giving the show more conflicts to develop and different kinds of scenery to shoot. Yet it's most memorable for two moments: the reintroduction of the savage hick Merle (Michael Rooker), and the haunting final scene, which illustrates the Governor's insanity by showing him settling into a chair in his comfortable-looking living room, which is decorated with aquarium tanks full of decapitated zombie-heads.

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