Grateful 'Dead': 10 Best 'Walking Dead' Episodes

As the AMC show returns for its fifth season, we look back at the series' finest moments of high drama, horror and oh-my-god head shots

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'Live Bait' (Season 4, Episode 6)

A controversial episode among fans, "Live Bait" steps away from the action at the prison to catch up with the Governor (David Morrissey), who'd been MIA since the Season Three finale. In a mirror of the pilot, this chapter follows a dazed Governor trying to adjust to his new reality, before he finally finds comfort with a family that takes him in. For those with no interest in viewing the resident bad guy as a fully realized character, the episode may have seemed like the series was simply killing instead of walkers — but it actually sets up the final showdown between Rick and the Governor in Season Four's midseason finale. It also recasts the story of one of its main villains: a damaged man just trying to make a place for himself and for others in this fallen world.

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