10 Best 'SNL' Sketches of Season 43, From Natalie Rap 2.0 to 'Black Panther'

From a priceless Will Ferrell/Kate McKinnon team-up to a Migos-like rap group in therapy – the best of 'Saturday Night Live's past season

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8. 'The Day You Were Born'

It's a simple premise: On Mother's Day, a beaming mom tells her son about the day he was born, recounting how it was the happiest day of her life. Flashbacks reveal the literally messy truth, complete with profane screaming fits, involuntary defecation, pleas to not cut "my butthole open" and a montage of postpartum low points. It's how guest host Amy Schumer and Mikey Day sell the manic, panicked experience of giving birth that makes this tribute to motherhood sing. "I'm not ready for this," the dad-to-be squeals in the delivery room. "YOU'RE NOT A MAN!" she yells back. That shot of an exhausted Schumer, sitting on a toilet and wincing while breastfeeding, is a killer visual punchline.

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