10 Best 'SNL' Sketches of Season 43, From Natalie Rap 2.0 to 'Black Panther'

From a priceless Will Ferrell/Kate McKinnon team-up to a Migos-like rap group in therapy – the best of 'Saturday Night Live's past season

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1. 'Dinner Discussion'

How do we love this sketch about the minefield of modern dinner conversation in the #MeToo era? Let us count the ways: the use of camera movement and lighting for dramatic effect is spot on; the escalating absurdity of reactions as everyone gingerly tries to avoid saying the wrong thing, peaking in Kate McKinnon pulling a mini-theater curtain (complete with proscenium!) over her face; the way that Aidy Bryant says "Care-fulllll" like an old-timey 1930s character actor and Heidi Gardner says "Watch it" like she's had emergency jaw surgery; that Pizza Rat insert in the everything-falls-apart montage after Keenan Thompson brings up race. 

Pound for pound, this was one of the single funniest bits of the past season, one that would have worked even if Will Ferrell didn't bring his death-defying deadpan to the table. But he does – boy, does he! – which seems to force the rest of his scene partners to up their game as well. It felt like an old-fashioned SNL highlight in the best possible way: a great ensemble piece, a well-written bit of commentary, a sketch that understood exactly how to use its guest host and all of its various players' strengths to a tee. We've watched this one a dozen times since it first aired. It's one of the few Season 43 sketches that, years from now, we could imagine watching a dozen times more.

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