10 Best 'SNL' Sketches of Season 43, From Natalie Rap 2.0 to 'Black Panther'

From a priceless Will Ferrell/Kate McKinnon team-up to a Migos-like rap group in therapy – the best of 'Saturday Night Live's past season

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3. 'Commercial Shoot'

"Baked in a kissy cat puss." Even if you didn't know that this sketch was based off real bloopers from a regional restaurant commercial, this McKinnon/Ferrell two-hander is one beautifully demented, deadpan duet. (Seriously, how has no one put them in a movie together yet? Pairing Will Ferrell with a top-tier female comedian doesn't always automatically equal a home run, but still.) We don't know what kills us more: the look on Kate McKinnon's face every time she and/or her screen husband screws up the line "baked in a crispy buttery crust"; the declaration that this shouldn't be so hard because they "raised five boys, and some girls"; or when the two of them simultaneously yell out "Yahtzee Isis Quiff!" It's a masterclass.

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