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2. 'Sean Spicer Press Conference'

Melissa McCarthy described the experience of being in this sketch in The Hollywood Reporter's SNL cover story: "There was this weird, great delay ... first people figure out it's Spicer and then they figure out it's me. You could just feel it in the room." The White House Press Secretary had just started to make his presence known as a bellicose, belligerent mouthpiece for the administration. And unlike Baldwin, who'd been publicized as a guest impersonator before the season began, McCarthy's participation was not announced in advance; no one knew that she would be the one in the bald cap and boxy suit. Watch it again, and you can audibly hear people realizing that it's the Bridesmaids star beneath the prosthetics right around the 22-second mark. The surprise has barely worn off before she starts nailing Spicer's antagonistic attitude to the press ("Now let me wave something shiny in front of you monkeys!") and his sheer aggressiveness – and that's what turns this into one of the most jaw-dropping political caricatures since Tina Fey's Sarah Palin. The shock may have subsided, but the sight of McCarthy pouring gum into her mouth and chewing it into a giant wad will still leave you gasping for air.