10 Best 'SNL' Sketches, Season 42: From Trump to David S. Pumpkins

From Alec Baldwin's killer POTUS impersonation to a perfect 'Black Jeopardy' commentary – the highlights of the show's historic year

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3. 'Trump vs. Clinton: Third Debate'

Arguably the highlight of SNL 42's great double act, this third debate has it all: Baldwin's Trump impersonation, firing on all cylinders (the explanation on how he'll defeat ISIS is a perfect sniffly-Donald riff); MacKinnon's Hillary, who gives great reaction shots here; the "Trump Bingo Card"; a cutaway to the entire planet of Earth laughing as the republican candidate says that no has more respect for women than he does; Tom Hanks' Chris Wallace saying "Oh no, not again" when Trump asks what Clinton has been doing for the last 30 years; the "Nasty Woman" mug; and a quick lesson on the art of pivoting. It has everything, in fact, except for any idea of what would happen a little less than a month later. But the show was not trying to be a Cassandra, just a well-oiled comic machine, and this debate sketch demonstrated how, when all of the right ingredients were in place, it could reflect Our Insane Toxic Campaign Season of Hate (Trademark!) and refract it back to us for laughs. How were we to known those laughs would eventually stick in our throat?

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