10 Best 'SNL' Sketches, Season 42: From Trump to David S. Pumpkins

From Alec Baldwin's killer POTUS impersonation to a perfect 'Black Jeopardy' commentary – the highlights of the show's historic year

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8. 'Pepsi Ad'

People tore into Kendall Jenner for what was, at best, a tone-deaf Pepsi commercial (and at worst, it was a crass, commercially motivated trivialization of everything from BLM-era activism to modern-day racial strife, which can apparently be solved via a single can of soda). What this standout SNL sketch reminds us, however, was that this was not the idea of one pampered celebrity; there was a whole marketing and creative team that conceived, signed off on and shot the damn thing. Anyone doubting that Beck Bennett has become a stealth comic weapon on this show should watch his facial expressions right after he excitedly explains the ad's concept to folks; his slow oh-fuck-what-have-I-done realization is what sells the piece. It's a deft little nugget of car-wreck comedy doubling as drive-by commentary – a lovely instance of the show's ability to instantly react to a screw-up with a short, sharp jab.

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