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This Is The End

this is the endthis is the end

There are scary things in This Is the End. Way scary. Take the rampaging egos of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson, Jason Segel and Jay Baruchel, who all play appallingly funny versions of themselves as Hollywood stoners facing the end of days by partying down at Franco’s house. To top that, there are aliens in this movie, monsters ready to chomp on celebrity meat – that is, when they’re not destroying Earth.

Rogen and his Superbad writing partner, Evan Goldberg, collaborated on the hoot of a script, though many of the juiciest put-downs feel like shotgun improvs. Franco gets called gay a lot. Cera is nailed as a perv. Hill gets creamed for the big head he grew after his Moneyball Oscar nomination. Everyone is portrayed as a neurotic, selfish, sniveling coward. Fact or fiction? You be the judge.

There’s no way you won’t have a blast. In their directing debuts, Rogen and Goldberg come up aces, mixing hilarity and horror like pros and never letting up on the killer momentum. I could give away a few primo jokes, but you’d hate me for it. Let’s just say This Is the End is the bust-out, badass comedy of the summer. And then some. It’s so good you’ll think you hallucinated it.


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